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Buffalo, NY • United States • 33 Years Old • Male

Dear Max,

Posted 2:53 PM ET | Comments 0
It's over. Time to divide up the china, pick who get's the dog, pack up the stuff and part ways. It's been a fun ride in your time here, but I finally feel you've overstayed your welcome. It's not you it's me. The team has moved on from your freewheeling style, and we don't have room to truly let you grow. In past years we had players here that we could count on to make up for your mistakes and give you ice time against the other teams 3rd and 4th liners, but now we need someone on the lower lines who is committed to defense and responsible when in possession of the puck. I know this is not your game, and trust me, I LOVE your game, but right now it just doesn't fit. I really don't want to make this anymore awkward than it already is, so I would appreciate it if you just left quietly. I know you will be better off for it, and wish all the best of luck. Soon you will find a new team, a new sweater, and hopefully new success, but I just can't see you working out here anymore. Thanks for all the memories, and it's been fun, but like I said it would best if you just left quietly.


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