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With the current roster seemingly set in stone and the unlikely return of Mats Sundin who becomes the Leafs next captain?

Many things have to be considered here like who has the heart and who will be the best fit in the dressing room. Me I have to give my vote to Matt Stajan he has been around long enough to know how the team works. He has heart and really takes the reins even in a 3rd line role. He had a great year last year and I think he is just gonna get better.

There are other options like Mayers and Kaberle but there are problems with those two. For one Mayers is a new Leaf and as much as I hate to say it Kaberle is to soft in his own end. I would have chosen McCabe if his current situation with the Leafs didn't seem so bad but it appears that his ten-yer here is all but over.

Despite what I said at the beginning of this blog there are rumors that Kubina is being shopped despite the fact that Fletcher said that he wasn't shopping him and would only trade him if the return was very significant or "A Homerun trade" in Fletchers words. There is also a rumor that was started in canoe.ca that says Fletcher is looking for a tough guy and a scorer.

Well with that everyone I'de like to say that the Leafs should be unveiling there new 3rd jerseys on Wednesday according to icethetics.blogspot.com and LeafsTV.

Here is the link: http://icethetics.blogspo...-making-announcement.html

Anyways with that I am gone

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