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Taylor Hall

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Taylor Hall

I’ve had made my peace now with the trade. On our podcast http://soundcloud.com/downtownhockey/episode-12 I finally, after almost a week got it off my chest. I think it’s time now to reflect.

For me Taylor Hall was the first truly talented player I witnessed develop. I am too young to remember the years of Gretzky, Messier, etc. I remember Doug Weight, but I don’t remember any developing years (He played 3 previous seasons with NYR). There was Hemsky, but he never really developed into the player we all thought he would be. We could talk about all the failures, maybe that’ll be another day, a happier day. Today I want to talk about Oiler fans of this generation, and the first Superstar we saw develop.

I know for a lot of fans, both young and old, Taylor Hall was a beacon of hope. Finally after years of mediocrity we had our star, and he lived up to that. He was fast, skilled, and passionate. He showed emotion, which seems to be becoming lost. I think people actually overlook the emotion Hall brought to the game. On nights where the Oilers didn’t show up (and there were many), Hall was the one that showed he gave a poop. He didn’t like to lose, and he showed it. I’ve heard people rip him apart for his emotion, but for me that’s what I like to see. I loved watching Yak slide across the Ice after an emotional goal. I loved watching Hall throw a water bottle getting Eakins wet. I like seeing Eager smash his stick on the boards and Khabibulin flinching. Raw emotion is good for the game, it’s entertaining, which is why I watch. If you eliminate that, what’s the point?

Watching the videos coming out with the children reacting to Hall’s departure show how much the kids looked up to him. I know from the moment Connor was drafted it became his team, but for the children, Hall was their idol, the one they grew to love. I understand where the kids are coming from, while I am not having crying fits, I did slam my car door shut right after it happened. He was my favorite Oiler, and I am sad to see him leave.

I know I’ll get over it, I’ve seen Weight leave, Smyth, Pronger, Hemsky, along with countless others leave. I’m still here, I’ll still cheer. It is now Connors team, with him most likely becoming the Captain. There are good days ahead, Lucic is here, and he’s going to bring some swagger (His words). Larsson, along with the healthy D-corps of Klefbom, Sekera, Davidson should be better. Nurse and Reinhart will hopefully take another step. Even Fayne has said he’s going to step up his training, so he can gain the step he lost. So, we’ll see. I’m hopeful, I’m not as optimistic as I’ve been in previous seasons.

Prove me wrong Chiarelli, prove me wrong.
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