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Habs vs Avs

Before I get into the actual game, I would like to say congrats to Pierre Gervais on 2500 games in the NHL. I've never heard of an equipment manger as loved, nor a team throwing one a ceremony before, but hats off to the Habs on celebrating what has been a hard working and accomplished career so far. Keep in mind he's won a cup and an Olympic gold medal.

Oh! And the apology from Lucic didn't make me all warm and fuzzy inside. The guy has talent and size but he's a class one buffoon. If he isn't spearing you in the nuts, he's playing with his...

Now on to the actual game. If the Habs wanted to prove they can skate, this was the perfect forum to do so. They have wheels and I don't think there is a single team they can't skate with, but plenty that can't skate with them. Other than the 3rd period, I thought the Habs controlled much of the play, except when they were on the penalty kill. Speaking of which, is that the new offensive strategy? Two goals coming out of the box is something I've never witnessed, but it sure does lead to some exciting hockey viewing!

I think the Habs have a new number one line, which we'll call the PPG line from now on. Plekanec, Parenteau and Galchenyuk are something to behold, but if Plekanec is the steady influence, Galchenyuk is the engine that drives it. The boy is turning into something we haven't seen in Montreal since Kovalev, which is a superstar. He's beginning to show the consistency needed to put up big numbers, but also the ability to bend the play to his will, which is what separates the common player from the exceptional.

I want to call out a few players that showed something tonight;

Tinordi - He was sound in his zone, and he pummeled Mcleod, which was enjoyable.

Price - Best game of the year for him, so let's hope he continues to round into form.

Subban - Did you see that second goal!?! Those are hands that only a few D-men in the league have, and very few have the speed, hitting or tenacity he has as well. Breathe people, he's warming into form with Price. Even PK said he isn't happy with his game right now, so this game is a sign of good things to come.

My final thoughts on the game were that the Habs dictated the pace and flow, but sat back too much in the 3rd and gave the Avs a chance to steal a point. The Habs are going to have to make sure that when their opponent is down they don't let them back up. They need to cultivate that killer instinct which separates the elite from the pack. Also of note is that they are taking too many undisciplined penalties and that is something that they need to tighten up.

Final score 3-2 Habs win!

Thanks for reading, and feel free to leave a comment or question below.

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