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I don't even know where to start with this except for just stating my opinion. I really don't think that Fucale is as good as everyone has been saying he is. Yes I know, start the criticizing please. I've said before to people that Fucale is only as good as the team that's playing around him. That being said, he's not a bad goalie by any means. I just feel that he is simply an average junior goalie. Here are some reasons that will prove my point.rnrnFucale has definitely put big numbers in the W column and that may contribute to all these expectations of him being great. There's no doubt that he knows what it takes to win because he has a Memorial Cup under his belt and he is known to be able to make the key save when his team needs one. He's been under a lot of pressure in his junior career while playing all of those World Juniors games and the QMJHL's playoff games. However, there's one thing that I just cannot take my eyes off of. I have NEVER seen a goalie who can put up so many wins, shutouts, and a great GAA that Fucale has, but to see him struggle to mainatain a .900 SV% just continues to shock me. He`s been alright throughout his junior career but for him to struggle like that makes me think there`s something that Central Scouting didn`t see when putting up the goaltending rankings.rnrnI think this must also contribute to why he wasn`t picked in the first round of the draft. If he was as good as the scouts say, I think it`s pretty unfortunate that Montreal decided to draft him because with Price cemented as the starter and Tokarski still young, it doesn`t seem like he`ll be playing in the NHL anytime soon.rnrnI know at this point you may think I`m absolutely crazy for saying this but there may also be a few of you who can see what message I`m trying to convey. A blogger`s job is not to please everyone but simply to express their opinion to the public. rnrnThanks for reading!
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Fucale had a .907 save percentage last season and a .909 SV% in 2012-13. He was lit up in his first three games this season and since then has a .903 SV%. He has maintained a .900 SV% for two and a half years which is top five each year in the high scoring QMJHL
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