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SKULLPHUCKING THE WORLD!!!, QC • Canada • 36 Years Old • Male
My message is to the MEDIA OF MONTREAL. Enough is enough!!! I, and the fans of this great franchise have had it!!! I have said it for years that the media is who manages the team, not the organization. Year in and year out, we see the same trend building, worse and worse as the years go by. This time around, you will not blame Gainey or the rest of the organization or even Mr. George Gillett. Mr. Gillett has brought in Bob Gainey, who is very respected in the NHL and former leaders of the CH along with Guy Carbonneau and Kirk Muller. YOU, the blood-thirsty reporters of this city are the ones to blame for yet another miserable Free Agent Season. You have defaced this franchise for the last time and it is time that we, THE FANS, united and stood up against these reporters and protected our team. I have stood by all these years and watched as the media ate away at this team like a cancer, consistently blaming the coaches and players for everything that happens…WELL NO MORE!!! If no one will stand up and say something, I WILL!!! There are many examples of names that have come and gone in Montreal who were destroyed by our "beloved" media, too many to list here, but the latest tragedies WILL be Kovalev and Koivu. Kovalev, who is one of the most talented players in the game today consistently, gets HARASSED by the media about his play and his attitude off ice. Koivu, who is all heart and talent, consistently smothered by the media and during times of recovery in the hospital...DESPICABLE!!! Did these freaks of nature (the media) ever stop to wonder why these players don't do what they’re suppose to do on the ice? Did they ever stop to wonder why the other players in the league don't want to sign in Montreal? The media will be the cause of the ultimate downfall of this storied franchise, coveted and respected by the other teams in the NHL for many years. Now, we are just the brunt end of their miserable jokes. My final message goes out to MR. Bob Gainey, and MR. Guy Carbonneau and MR. Kirk Muller. You all were the backbone of a franchise that once had credibility and respect who led your team to championships in your days. PLEASE, hand in your resignations TODAY, so that you may keep that image in the eyes of those who remember you that way, before the media makes you the scapegoat for the downfall of this organization. As for you Mr. Carbonneau, you have suffered at the hands of the media once and suffered THEIR consequences. You do not need to have it done to you again. This, from a fan who bleeds blue-blanc-rouge for a living.
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July 31, 2007 2:47 PM ET | Delete
I agree with you buddy!!!!!
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