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I've always wanted to offer something different to the standard moderated forum fare. Well, I've always been looking for some different from the standard moderated forum fare. In terms of talking Islanders Hockey we haven't had that in a long time. Probably since the day when YahooGroups were en vogue and people were separated into their own little private communities.

I think that the experience of being an Islanders Fan is unique from any other in all of sports. We've had Spano, Pickett, Pigs at the trough, Wang, Maloney, Mulbury, Bowness, Stirling, Laviolette, Sell Offs, Hall Of Famers traded for sub AHL players, Threats to move the team, ets.

You get the picture. There's a lot of anger and crushed hope there. Tons of ideas as to how to move the team forward, draft yadda, yadda, yadda.

For the most part, the internet offers us Islanders Fans little variety in terms of community. Or should I say different "flavors" of community?

Personally I've always felt that punishing people for using inappropriate language (Since when is language "inappropriate"?) and expressing themselves how the best see fit as a little childish. In real life people say what they feel and don't have to defer to others for moderation. At least when people get together on their own time and choose to do so for their own enjoyment. Telling people how to say what they think or feel is not going to change how they think or feel. So telling them how to do that is not going to accomplish anything.

So I've set up the Islanders Pirate Haven as a place where people can be free to post what they think and feel how they see best. There is no "Without prior restraint", mods, Censorship, banning, suspensions etc. There is just the forum host and community that makes the community as it is.

It's there for your enjoyment and to add a little bit of a different flavor than what most people are accustomed to; FREE SPEECH!!!!! And Free Speech will always reign supreme.

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