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The Buffalo Sabres having won six out of their last seven games are now 9-14-2. This could mean two things. 1. the team if buying into Ted Nolans system and are playing with confidence and will continue to win games, and maybe, just maybe ( but probably not) playoffs are in sights. 2. this is just a phase and it will soon pass.

The question is which one is best for the team in the long haul. This winning might continue and we might be right back where they started; the treadmill to 10th place. If this is just a phase and the winning stops they will be in a prime spot to take top prospects Connor McDavid (G:16 A:35 PTS:51) or Jack Eichel (G:8 A:13 PTS:21). Personally I think that tanking would be the best route for future success. The one thing that i worry about is instilling a loosing culture during the process. Becoming the next Edmonton Oilers is the last thing this team needs.

If this team does however find themselves out of a top 10 draft pick i propose offering Chris Stewart an one or two prospects to a team like the Oilers or Flyers to attempt to get a high draft pick.
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