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"I live tweet during Blues games: @SportsFanaticPK"
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The Christmas break has had me thinking a lot about where this Blues team stands after 34 games. The 3-game losing streak was ugly. They gave away points like a 3-button coat at the Salvation Army. The 5-0 drubbing in Colorado was the icing on the cake.

I agree that this team is getting complacent, but every Blues fan has seen this before, many years now. These are the Blues, they seem to always live up to their name.

While it's easy to overreact and think the season is a wash, there's still a lot of hockey to be played. So let's take this from an optimistic point of view.

For the last few years the Blues have had strong regular seasons with a few slight bumps in the road. Last year they blew the 2 front tires before the season ever ended. That 6-game losing streak sentenced them to an execution at the hands of the Blackhawks.

So maybe this year, the Blues will save their best hockey for the playoffs. Maybe this year they won't peak too early. Like some of the best college basketball teams in the country don't peak until March Madness, maybe its realistic to believe the Blues are just pacing themselves until the games really matter in April and beyond.

Yes I know they need to get in the playoffs first, but they are in a solid position already that they could play .500 hockey and still qualify for the playoffs.

One more note. The Blues are headed for a 3-goalie headache once Brian Elliott returns. With all due respect to Els and Jake Allen, I personally feel like the Blues should ride the 3-time Stanley Cup goalie into the playoffs. He hasn't played his best, but he came in just when the Blues defense began to crumble in front of him. I hate always blaming a goaltender for letting goals in. He can only do so much when he's being left out to dry.

I don't think Blues fans will quickly forgive Blues management if they release a guy with Brodeur's playoff resume and then get bounced in the 1st round of the playoffs yet again. Won't look good.

I live tweet during all Blues games. Follow me here: https://twitter.com/SportsFanaticPK
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