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I'm a Atlanta Thrashers fan, let's get that out in the open.

But I am very curious to see if they will change their ways at all. I watched the Thrashers ever since they drafted number 17 - Ilya Kovalchuk - and now, I watch because I love the team. Kovy's still my favourite player, but I've come to love this team.

What do we have? We've got offense. Marian Hossa, Ilya Kovalchuk, and used to have Slava Kozlov. And I use 'used' because he will not be brought back. I believe, and hear that he's headed to Washington...he'll have fun with AO! We've got offense but for the year coming up what will we do with it? I think, and hope that Hartley combines Kovalchuk and Hossa. We've seen them together in overtime's, 4 on 4 situations, powerplay, and penalty kill late in the game if there losing. We need depth. We need young player to step it up. We had Krog last year who dominates the minor's but cannot change that to the NHL.

We need a whole lot of depth.

We've got goaltending as well. Kari chocked in the playoffs, I'll admit, but let's not just throw him away. Were going to evidently give him another chance. I even think bringing Hedberg back is an extremly good idea. Hedberg was amazing in the two games in which he played in the playoffs. The team lost, but regardless. He's a very capable backup goalie, and I still remember his days with the Penguins.

Defense is where everybody laughs Atlanta out of the building, and they got the right too. Andy Sutton is not going to come back. I'm hearing he wants 5 million a year. For what? Shot blocking, and some sketchy defensive skills? No. I mean, I'm all for defensive defencemen with no offensive skills, but not him. I think they need to develop their young guys. Bring 2 of them in, give them experience. The defense really needs to step it up. Develop some new guys fast, or sign some UFA's. Make some decent trades.

I think we've got some things to do. Add some depth to the forwards, get two solid lines of offense, and the rest is taken care of. Add a little to your defense, and work together as a team. There doesn't need to be a standout player. Work together and be known as a great defensive backend.

Let's hope we can work on some of these things. I do feel that Atlanta has a bright future.

In Blueland We Believe!
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Great blog.
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