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"Awesome Canadiens Analysis "
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In their past four games the Montreal Canadiens have scored only seven goals, they may be doing very well right now, but when a win relies on two players, namely Max Pacioretty and Carey Price you’re not going to go very far. Price who has led the Habs to a 32-13-3 record, with him having 27 wins, and Pacioretty with 23 goals, is on pace for a 39 goal season. But that’s not enough, I don’t see more than four players on the Canadiens scoring more than 20 goals by the end of the season. With the trade deadline coming up, I think it’s time for Marc Bergevin to trade for a player to play on the first line instead of Dale Weise. The first may be doing well now but I do not see Weise staying as good as he is playing now. This was the problem last year, so Bergevin went ahead and got Thomas Vanek, who helped the scoring on the first line. There always that player who the Canadiens get around the deadline and help the scoring, so who is it going to be this year?rnA great player, who I think his skill is being wasted, who had great chemistry with Alex Galchenyuk, and is also Russian, is Nail Yakupov. The last two seasons for the first overall pick has been way below expectations, at this points you would call him a complete bust like Nikita Filatov. I believe the price for him would be low, besides the fact he is on pace for mere 20 points and a -39, and if he does not pan out and do well, then I will take him on the fourth line.
So the Canadiens get Yakupov, their offence is helped and they win the Stanley Cup. But is Yakupov enough, even if he does pan out? No, the Canadiens are in a great position, nothing seems to be going wrong, but what happens if PK Subban gets injured, will Alexei Emilin be able to handle a top four defense man job?
Marc Bergevin needs to address these issues and get a reliable defense man who can be a good 6/7 defense man,maybe someone who can even take over Gilbert.

Overall the Habs look great, a few minor issues have to addressed by the trade deadline, buy it all comes down to the playoffs and how far they get.rn
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Unfortunately as bad as yakupov has been. Theres is no way Edmonton sells him cheap. Minimum is a 1st, top dman prospect (tinordi/beaulieu) and a lesser probly Hudon or de la rose. And I think, thats far to much. And hed ruin the team chemistry because hes a labelled floater.
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Alex Galchenyuk is American
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