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To all the Leaf fans,rnrnThis is for all the true fans, the real fans, the fans that know and believe that sometimes taking one step back is the right step in the right direction to where we ultimately want to be; a team we can see excel year in and year out.rnrnWe need to take back what's rightfully ours. We can no longer allow a franchise which we so loyally love and follow, spoon feed us with mediocre garbage. We deserve a team to be truly proud of.rnrnI say all this from the position of a loyal fan going 25 years strong. We have seen all this before and it has always led to the same ending. Yet the corporate end always seems to jam a ticket price increase down our throats the following year. Us being fans, us being followers, we cave in under the pressure because that's who we are, TRUE FANS.rnrnThis stops now.rnrnJoin the petition. Join the fight. Lets show them that we are what this is all about. Without us, they have no them.rnrnAlone we stand as fans. Together we are LEAF NATION.rnrnJOIN THE PETITION, BUY A SHIRT, LETS SHOW WE CARE!!
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