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Just days after winning their first game of the season, the Devils headed back to the land of Sun and Fun. This time around, God's waiting room was less kind to the Devils. The Panthers earned their 1st. victory and goosegged the nomads from New Jersey.

Sutter become unhinged after Olesz potted his first on the season. Sutter felt that Stumpel did take down Oduya and should of been called for it. Visible to lip readers at home was a pleasantry directed and heard by the refs. The Refs showed the newest NHL coach that it's not Red Deer anymore and proceeded to make life for the Devils miserable. Ten minutes of penalities in the period ensued. The Panthers were able to capitalize twice in the second.

To quote the Governator, "you lack discipline". The Devils are known to play discipline hockey and last nights game just got away from them. A busted up 2 on 1 on a borderline offsides really got to Gionta.

On the positive side it was nice to see Elias shooting again and some pressure in the third. Albeit, too late and too ineffective to matter. They did outshoot the Panthers 11-3, however the Panthers were more concerned about a W than attacking.

The Panthers clogged the neutral zone (trap) and suffocating the center ice all third period. Vokoun closed the door when he had to and played the type of goal that Panthers fans expected him to when they brought him on board. It's too early to write off any team and the talk of the Panthers being dead in the water is way too premature.

With that being said, watching Barry "the Mullet" Melrose writing off the Devils because they lost Gomez and Rafalski is crazy talk. Melrose forgot to mention they are playing a new system and have two big injuries on the team. So much for him being a paid Hockey Analyst.

Saturday's game is a huge one. It's not going to be easy with the Thrashers coming off a spanking by the Sabres (so much for their demise losing Drury and Briere). Brodeur needs to step up and more importantly, the scorers on the Devils. Saturday's game is a momentous one in which the Devils can be 2-3 or 1-4.

Three Stars:

Vokoun- 1st. win and shut on the season

Murphy- Two assists, nice to see an undrafted player and have a solid game. One of the feel good stories to the season.

Clarkson- For being the only Devil to show any fire.

BTW, this is Christine and I want to thank my friend Samuel P. Woo. Who says a puck bunny couldn't talk hockey?
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