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It was nice to see that the NHL in Quebec city is always present during the media tour that attracted an impressive number of journalists at the site of the multi-purpose arena. Throughout the visit, Mayor Régis Labeaume was illustrating what will be the amphitheater Hockey plan.rnIt was in the lobby entrance that he described what the atmosphere will look like in a playoff game. When he praised the size of the press box with a capacity of 200 journalists from the press, in addition to the space for the radio and television it is picture perfect for in his ” Stanley Cup final.”You can see the building construction live @ http://www.ville.quebec.q...phitheatre/index.aspxrnOn the roof of the building, he even repeated, “We’re ready for the finals.” And designers have neglected nothing to comply with all respects of the stringent requirements of the NHL. Régis Labeaume, the project director and mayor of the city insisted it will be a treat for all hockey players to be in their locker room with a state of the art fitness center and local for medical services. It is more spacious and comfortable than the strict NHL recommendations. “The size of the locker room is bigger than anywhere else.There’s even an X-ray room fully equipped.rn” The new coliseum will be the most technologically advanced coliseum. “The number of tickets, multiple seating and dressing rooms, you do not see it anywhere else.” We also added a covered parking , 240 boxes for the players, the organization and some of the VIP, which was not planned. “We can afford it and so we decided to build it. With more parking, it is really full NHL proof.rn” The Mayor also confirmed that the Pavilion des jeunes will serve as a training center for future Nordiques. Comparing with Montreal, where the Canadiens travel to Brossard for practicing, he welcomed the training facility of 6,000 places only a few meters away. “Players will only have to get a hat and spend 60 to 90 seconds to get to the training facility.” Costs and timelines are met, repeated the mayor and his project manager. “Unless the sky falls on our heads, we should end the construction on July 15″, 2015 .Nothing really compares with the rivality between the Canadians and the Nordiques i hope i will see it again.rnI remember the battle in the playoffs with the Habs.Dale Hunter playing for Quebec and his brother Mark playing for the Habs.I will never forget when the Stastny came to Quebec,Peter father of Paul but also Anton and Marian .rnIn 1994 the Nordiques were the team to beat but it was not meant to be until they move to Colorado and won the Stanley cup the first year after they left La Belle Province. Joe Sakic was my idol,Eric Lindros never wanted to join the team that drafted him ,he then got traded for Peter Forsberg, what a trade that was.Mats Sundin also got drafted by the Nordiques.rnrnYou can view more Blogs from Pinogrigio @ http://www.sportsgiftideacom.com/news/767.
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