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Eller no longer in play

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In the final hours of the NHL trade deadline, dangling Lars Eller has not shown much interest with team looking to rebuild. The success of Jacob de Larose at center has made teams feel that the Canadien don't need Eller and should not attribute as much value to him. Lars is a proven playoff performer and has much more value as a number 3 center with the Canadien then with any trades being proposed. More teams in the east have shown some interest but Marc Bergevin has no interest in improving any team that he would see in the firs round of the playoffs. Sadly no team in the west seems to be looking for a dept center man. rnrnThis is what Marc Bergevin had to say when he signed Eller to his 4 year extension.rnrn“He has a tremendous work ethic and a great attitude. He is the type of player you can rely on for his play at both ends of the rink. Lars can play big minutes against the opponents’ top players and still be an offensive threat. We are confident he will reach his full potential and become an impact player who will compete at a high level for many years to come.”
If a last minute deal comes with Eller, you can expect it to be an unprecedented blockbuster.
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