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Monty Python continues to amuse me.
However, I shall write about what every other blogger on this website is most interested in: the free agent mania that swept the hockey world yesterday. I will talk about the big deals (ie Gomez, Briere) but my focus is on the smaller names.
Briere (PHI)-This was an interesting move by Holmgren. Especially the length. After seeing Rick DiPietro sign a 15-year deal last year, I'm sure ocho anos doesnt sound that long to some. But with the way Danny left Buffalo, I think that eight years is too long. However, Briere will be a great complement to Simon Gagne and Mike Knuble. Grade: B+
Gomez/Drury(NYR)-I'm putting these two together because they both have the same impact. One will most likely play with Jagr68 and Straka82. The other will center the second line. If things are like they were last year, Gomez will be the first liner and Drury, who will most likely captain after Jagr's disastrous reign with the "C" last year, will middle on the second string. I'm not sure if they'll be content with the situation though.
Grade: A/A-
Now I'll go over some small time signings.
Hamilton(CAR)-Eklund has been saying that whoever gets this guy is gettting a steal. With 39 points last year, he was 3rd in Blackhawk scoring. Carolina has needed a 3rd line center with some offense. This now leaves Carolina with 5 players who can center (Staal, B'A, Letowski, Larose, Hamilton), which is a good quintet depthwise.
Grade: A
Zednik(FLA)-My dad is a huge Panthers fan, so I think I might want to write about this one. Zednik only played half a season last year, but he averaged a point every other game. There is one problem with this: the injury factor. Zednik missed 32 games with Washington with wrist and groin injuries.
Grade: B
Ouellet(TBL)-An underrated player on the most popular team last year is a great pickup for the Lightning. I'm not gonna like it because he's in my team's division now, but it probably wa sone of the greatest steals of the day. Ouellet had 19 goals and 48 points last year.
Grade: A-

I might be a little leiniant on the grades, but that is what I believe. Tomorrow I'll go over Kariya, Smyth, Blake, and Radek Dvorak.
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