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"The Whole Thing"
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By the power of Grayskull, a few points:

1) If last night was a game of Ice Hockey on the original Nintendo Entertainment System, Lindy must have gotten a hold of a Game Genie because Mair and Zubrus were able to hit like the big, fat players but also, somehow, had the agility and speed of the skinny guys that usually get run over. They were only credited with 8 hits in total, but they were all over the ice. Credit to Hill and Hunter, too, who must have had some of the same pre-game juice as Mair and Zubrus.

2) "Yes. The final supreme idiocy. Coming here to hide. The deserter hiding out in the middle of a battlefield." Lee in The Magnificent Seven

Lee could have just as easily been talking about Alexi Yashin in this playoff series. Where is he? He has been on the ice, but his heart hasn't. I saw a player with a number 79 jersey, but it definitely wasn't an 87.5 million dollar man. That's criminal.

3) Speaking of which, any Sabres fans at the game last night want to comment on the atmosphere? Was there more of drunken, threatening vibe then you see at a typical professional sporting event? I have just been reading a number of accounts this morning and want to get an idea of how bad it really was and what kind of control (or lack thereof) the Nassau Col. security displayed. Was it that bad or have the rumors of savagery been greatly exaggerated?
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April 17, 2007 2:28 PM ET | Delete
Islander fans are disgusting[quote]I was at the game. Let me enumerate the level of Islanders fans' classlessness.During the VT moment of silence, TONS of people were shouting, with a loud "Rangers suck ****!" getting the biggest bit of laughter.My belief is always to cheer for your team and not against the opposition. But Islanders' fans definitely did not share my view. The first goal of the game was accompanied by two fans behind me shouting "**** YOU! **** THE SABRES!" right into my ears. Thanks, guys. You stay classy.Right before the 2nd intermission I went to the restroom. A 5'3, 110 pound guy decided to cut me in line. "Don't say nothin'", he said. "I'm a loose cannon." I'm 6'4, 200. I could have had a field day with this guy. But at the end of the day, it just made for a funny story. A couple of scuffles broke out after the Islanders' penalty with about 1:10 remaining. Lots of beer thrown on Sabres fans. A security guard thought about escorting a perpetrator in my row, but when he realized how belligerent the guy was, he "thought better of it" and left. Way to do your job, guys.The parking lot after the game was a field day. Lots of "**** YOU BUFFALO" chants. I was shoved out of the arena by some drunkard. An Islanders fan who looked to be around 13 shared my sentiments, though. "I'm sorry they're being such *******s".That experience was worse than going to a Sabres-Flyers game. I love how Long Islanders live in prosperity but attempt to bring the tough-guy attitude as though they're from the Bronx. Nassau Coliseum needs way more security at the next game to handle these drunken fools.With that said, it was sooo satisfying to see a Sabres' win tonight. The douchbaggery of Isles fans did nothing to dampen the spirits of the considerable Sabres contingent in the crowd.[/quote]
April 17, 2007 2:43 PM ET | Delete
Wow - that bad, huh? I was hoping that what i had heard had been exaggerated. I give you credit for your restraint with that clown in the restroom - there's no point in lowering yourself to his standards. I just hope there weren't too many kids around to take in all that Islander cheer. Very classy.
April 17, 2007 2:46 PM ET | Delete
Wow, that's a story. That's playoff hockey right there.
April 17, 2007 5:53 PM ET | Delete
I'm going to the game on Wednesday....I don't know if I can exhibit the same restraint as you especially if they start throwing beer and shit at me. That's totally uncalled for.I've been to so many Sabres-Isles games at the Coliseum and typically they're fine (the loudest and most enthusiastic fans are 99% of the time the Buffalo fans) but I've never actually been to a playoff game there. Wow.
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