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Sens looked great.

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Wow! The Sens came out flying. The Pens were obviously not prepared for the intensity of playoff hockey. Talk about baptism by fire. They adjusted some as the game progressed, but it wasn't enough to overcome the Senators' start, and when they pressed, they made mistakes that ended up in their own net. The Sens took some physical shots after the game got out of hand, and that might backfire on them, based on my observation of the Pens all year. Not that I blame the Sens, I would do the same thing. But if you're going to try to humiliate a team, your have to hope they wilt and don't get too pissed off.

I saw the Pens' D make mistakes under the Sens forecheck that they usually don't make. I thought Fleury looked great in the 1st period, under the circumstances. The Pens couldn't match the Senators' efforts along the boards and the Pens made too many neutral-zone turnovers when they started to press. We had trouble cycling in the offensive zone, usually one of our strengths. Our power play certainly did not look like #5 in the league. That has to change quickly for the Pens to have a chance. That was the one thing I was not worried about. Shows what I know. A couple of players seemed completely lost out there at times, and many of the rest looked mediocre at best, at least until the game was out of hand. One who was not lost was Eaton. I thought he played exceptionally well and probably kept us in the game in the first period. It was very disappointing for a Pens fan, but not too surprising. I don't think there's anyone out there (sane) who predicted a Pens sweep. This series will have ups and downs for both teams and probably go the distance. The Senator's fans should be proud of their team, but don't plan the parade just yet.

As a side note, I don't think Sid's goal should have been disallowed. If you look at it in slow motion, his head is up, looking at the net, and he actually fans on the shot as he is sliding into the goal, right before his foot propels it into the net. There's no way he could have even known where the puck was, let alone use a "distinct kicking motion" as the rules call for. His foot was moving forward, but that was for self-preservation, nothing else. But I guess any time the players' foot is moving toward the goal, they disallow the goal.

Historically, the winner of the 2nd game is the most likely to win the series. That's because if a team is up 2-0, it's tough to come back. If a team comes back and ties the series 1-1, it means they have answered the bell and won home ice advantage. Game 2 should be a doozy.
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