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All About Carey

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One has to believe watching Carey play that the Stanley Cup is not too far off. It is a perfect script. He has done it all and then some. He now stands alone atop the Montreal Canadian goaltenders for total wins in a single season with 43 to date surpassing the likes of Plante and Dryden. What a remarkable achievement!

Since being drafted he has won a Calder Trophy, a gold metal at the Olympics and you can just feel it brewing like a thunderstorm there is more to come. At only 27 this is just the beginning of greatness. The next decade will be incredible to watch as he supplants hockey's greatest on his way to ultimate glory.

How do you feel about Carey's 43 wins? Do the 3 SO wins in any way diminish his achievement when comparing him to his predecessors 42 win heroics without the shootout?

Is it fair to say Carey has now all but cemented his hold on the Vezina and has is four fingers latched onto the Hart?

Are there any naysayers left? He has made me a believer, how about you?

Bold Prediction: Canadians win the Cup this year and Carey takes the Conn Smythe Trophy. Now I'm thinking with my heart, but hey one has to believe and dream...

How about the game? Sloppy - far too many awful turnovers and broken plays. This team is not focused and still comes out of the gate as if they won the game. With the Playoffs less than a week away they have a lot of work left to do.

Mitchell played one of his better games and was really implicated. He was robbed on a couple of occasions by Howard. Also kudos to Eller. He's coming into form at the right time.

Is PK starting to fall back into some bad habits? Even with 3 points on the night he looked someway out of place and dare I say again sloppy.

The powerplay eh... It's been beaten to death like a Mexican pinata and dissected like a laboratory rat, but here we are with one game left it seems like the only way they can score is 5on3 and that's from one player (Pleks) firing from the icing line. After watching teams like Washington and Detroit work the half walls and point it serves to show me how far off we are as a team from achieving any sustainable success. Those teams move the puck with precision and purpose. You can see they have a plan of attack and in contrast the Canadians almost appear to be winging it while continually looking for Pk's one-timer. Time to change it up?

Anyone want to face the Senators in round one? I didn't think so. They are brimming with confidence.

***Carey will play Saturday in TO***
Therrien just announced it and made it clear they want home ice. Is this the right call? Would you risk it if you were him? I know I wouldn't, not with the playoffs days away.
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