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Captain, oh my Captain !

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Unbelievable. Jaw dropping. What else can I say?

This is my first blog ; there will be plenty of time to complain later, to get angry, bite, stir some s***, ask questions, but not tonight. There's a magic feeling each year to Day 1 of the Playoffs, and there are games that do nothing else but confirm this magic.

As many were ready for Episode 1 of the "He saved the NHL" / "They'll choke this year again (or so they say)" matchup, I've been eating my fingernails all day long, looking at the clock, and then it came : eight o'clock.

Being a huge San Jose Sharks and Quebec Remparts fan (one day, I'll make a coming out and talk about the Habs ; let's not screw the joy now), one can easily imagine the thrill I was looking forward to. First of all, two great teams. Then, Patrick Marleau, still an underrated player in this league. And Jumbo Joe, Michalek, the Cheechoo Train and Nabby. Against Forsberg, Kariya, Timmonen, Vokoun.

Unbelievable. Jaw dropping. What else can I say?

I wonder if, somewhere in Lac-Beauport, Patrick Roy watched the game.

In white, Marc-Edouard Vlasic, who played like an absolute stud on D. A kid who just turned 20, that I saw eleven months ago at my grocery store, buying wieners. A kid that was playing junior last year, and he was there tonight on the ice for over 40 minutes, made a stellar play leading to Milan Michalek's goal, stood like a tree in front of Forsberg in the 1st OT. The Great Swede tried to mesmerize him with his moves, Vlasic didn't buy it at all. 20 years old. Buying wieners at my grocery store eleven months ago.

Unbelievable. Jaw dropping. What else can I say?

In black, Alexander Radulov, 20 years old number 2. A threat all night long. A threat and a treat for the eyes. Flying, burning the D-men, hell, even blocking a shot in OT to get ride of this defensive awareness thing. "Will it translate well in the NHL ?", some were wondering while he was destroying the QJMHL last year. I feel we got an answer tonight. Have you seen this shot ? Has you seen those moves, and, most of all, this fire ?

I'm sure Patrick Roy watched the game tonight. But could he imagine before it started such a strong playoff debut for his two players ?

Tonight, we saw what this new NHL is all about. Vlasic and Radulov, for sure. Milan the Monster and Shea Weber, a Phaneuf-like force. Budding cornerstones getting plenty of ice time, making an impact. When the game started, I was wondering how Trotz would use Radulov. But Radulov gave him no choice.

If we can forget just a little bit about those fighting, shot to the head debates, just for once ; we'll get back to them later. We still see things that are a shame sometimes, but less and less useless morons. There's always room to improve, we can criticize for sure for the health of the show, but in the end, let's admit that this good old hockey game is getting better and better.

We saw stars players playing like star players tonight.
Young guns having a ball in the spotlight.
Grinders playing a hell of a game, the Griers, the Tootoos.
The passion back in Foppa, and the reason why Craig Rivet was a great acquisition by Doug Wilson.
Joe Thornton not wanting to wear his "loser" tag anymore.
Zidlicky finding his game back, and Bernier showing grit.
Nabokov and Vokoun out of their minds at time, making memorable saves.
A second overtime, not that we don't like the shootouts, but...

We saw it all, and in the end, Marleau, the Captain, oh my Captain, with a great pass, after being frustrated by Vokoun, closed the book on Chapter 1.

This is a great story so far.

Why is friday night so far away ?
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