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In response to Larry Brooks column in the NY post on July 8th; Really Lowe

9 million dollars for Henrik Lundqvist....wow. Don't get me wrong, Henrik is an amazing goaltender, but 9 million dollars. I can think of about 4 million reasons why he is not worth 9 million dollars. And especially to the Oilers, where reason 4,000,001 is a guy named Dwayne Roloson. Sure Roli the Goalie is in his late thirties, but he also didn't get started in the league really until he was around 30. That's just a tad bit later than most guys his age. He has plenty left in his tank.

So why did the Oilers sign Vanek to an offer sheet rather than Lundqvist? Well other than what I just stated, Thomas Vanek is EXACTLY the player the Oilers need. A young scorer, who can play on the other side with Hemsky, and tear it up. He is the guy who could get most Oiler fans convinced that the team is not in a complete downward spiral. Anybody who thinks that Vanek is not a future franchise player is out to lunch in my opinion. The guy scored 43 goals in his second season in the league. Sidney Crosby only scored 36 goals last year. And I know Crosby is still 3 years younger, and did tally 84 assists as well, but that is besides the point. Vanek is a phenomenal young player, and the Sabres are lucky that their ownership was willing to pay the big bucks to keep him around.

So for Mr. Brooks to say that this was not a business decision by Kevin Lowe is just asinine. The Edmonton Oilers have a top flight goaltender, and are severely lacking a top flight scorer. Thomas Vanek is that scorer, and even if he was on the NY Rangers, the offer sheet would have been the same, except for if that was the case, he would now be an Oiler. Yes, Lowe and Sather are friends, but in the hockey world, like Lowe said, "It's a business."

So again Mr. Brooks, go back to sleep.
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October 27, 2022 12:38 AM ET | Delete
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