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"Kansas City Blues- Blogging on the St. Louis Blues and a city lacking a hockey team"

My first blog!

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Hello everyone- I would like to use my first blog as a place to introduce myself and my goals as a blogger.
I go by the user name Kansas City Blues because I am a hardcore Blues fan based out for Kansas City. I have followed the Blues all throughout my 17 years of life and will always bleed Blue.
Living in Kansas City it is tough being a hockey fan. I grew up with the Kansas City Blades of the IHL. The Blades were around for 11 years and saw many great players don their jersey. As a young child I attended the Blades playoff games in 1992 as they won the Turner Cup behind guys such as Arthurs Irbe and Sandis Ozolinsh. I followed the team through the good years and the bad, and then 2001 came around.
The IHL folded-something that was not a suprise to many, and our last hope was for the Blades to be accepted into the AHL. When I heard the news the Blades were done, I remember sheding tears. A big piece of my life was gone as I no longer had a hockey team to watch live.
The Outlaws of the UHL came and went in 2004. They got me through the lockout. But, people hated the idea of low level hockey in Kansas City. I loved the team and attended around 30 of their games, but I knew the managment and they were a joke, so when they suspended operations I was more frusterated than sad.
It's odd to think Kansas City was so close to getting an NHL team in the Penguins. I knew it would never happen. As much as I would love to see the Penguins skate at the new Sprint Center, I knew it was too good to be true.
The Penguins belong it Pittsburgh and thank goodness it stayed that way. While Kansas City has a sparkling new arena, a good hockey fan base and is a city that should be next in line for an NHL franchise, I did not want us to "steal" the Penguins.
Sure it was tough when the arena deal was announced. I was jsut glad it was over. The months of uncertainy was hard on us here and I can't even understand what it was like for the Pittsburgh faithful.
People say we'll get the Predators. I call BS. The Predators are gonig nowhere. They have a good fanbase and will just aquire more fans with the solid team they have. Plus as a Blues fan I can't stand Nashville!
We may have to settle for AHL or nothing for the time being, but eventually I belive Kansas City will get an NHL team. It's only a matter of time.
As a blogger I plan to bring you info on the Blues and on a hockey-hungry fanliving in a city without a team. I will follow news on the KC hoceky scence and the Blues.

**********BLUES NEWS********
Jamal Mayers and Bryce Salvador will join head coach Andy Murrary and Eric Brewer on Team Canada for the IIHF hockey championships.

Blues winger and tough-guy DJ King was injured in Peoria's game vs Omaha on Saturday. King was high-sticked in the mouth and he lost two teeth, and lacerations to his gums and jaw and had to have plastic surgery. King was tryign to help Peoria, the Blues AHL affilate make the playoffs. The Rivermen missed the AHL post-season by one point, despite being loaded with David Backes, Jason Bacashihua, King and Roman Polak who all played with St. Louis for parts of the NHL season.

The Blues will have three picks in the first round of the draft, with the first being the number nine selection.

Blues fans are shocked that ref Mick McGeough is worknig the playoffs. McGeough worked the game in which the Blues had two obvious goals waived off, which led to a 4-2 Ottawa win. The win helped the Senators get hoem ice advantage over the Penguins.

Blues fans were also happy to see the Predators Jordan Tootoo get beaten in fight by Ryan Clowe of San Jose. Tootoo injured Christian Backman earlier this year after hitting him after an icing call, which angered Blues fans.

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