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First I must commend Bob Hartley on demanding a strong work ethic and compete level in Calgary. These are not easy intangibles to build but with that being said the young Flames need a true tactician. A coach that can take these brilliant hockey minds like Monahan, Gaudreau, Bennett, and Hamilton and take them to the next level.

Current Issues:

The Flames sit at the bottom of the league in both power play (14.9%) and penalty kill (74.8%) special teams and this is an indication of the coaches tactics being ineffective.

Monahan's containment this year is due in large part to Hartley's inability to develop tactics to help Sean excel.

Lastly going into the season the defense was recognized by numerous analysts as the best in the league. This observation has not translated into reality due to the lack of defensive vision.

The youth in Calgary have now outgrown what Hartley has to offer and thus a change in coaching will help in their development.

Candidates for Consideration:

Ron Wilson- Is a strong tactician and is willing to incorporate technology to aide his team in improving. Was one of the first coaches to use laptops and tablets on the bench. Ron's connection with Brian Burke will make him a leading candidate. Don't let the gong show called Toronto cloud your judgement in regards to Ron's abilities.

Dave Lewis- A student of Scotty Bowman.. the true Master technician. There is much to be said of Dave's NHL record but his determination to hone his coaching skills is shown in his willingness to help develop the Belorussian hockey program.

Guy Boucher- Likely one of the brightest hockey minds available. Former AHL coach of the year in a year most of his best players were called up to the NHL, in his rookie season in the NHL he took the Lightning to game 7 of the Conference finals.

Other Candidates:

Dallas Eakins, Kirk Muller, Randy Carlyle, and Andy Murray.
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