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Who's Your Goalie?

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"I'm going to sleep on it, and probably give you nothing," Coach Laviolette said to reporters after Friday's heartbreaking loss in Philadelphia. The assembled crowd laughed, and then someone said, "So it's business as usual, then," which brought more laughter and a confirmation from Peter Laviolette. "Business as usual," he agreed.

That statement was in reference to the coach's guarded nature when it comes to naming his starting goalie, but for many Flyers fans it has an even more significant meaning. When it comes to goaltending, it's always business as usual and business is always just okay. Just after the trade deadline, I spoke with a source within the organization about his/her opinion on why the Flyers didn't make a stronger push for a goalie. Tomas Vokoun was available. He will be an unrestricted free agent next season, so the Flyers wouldn't be on the hook for a big contract if they wanted to go in another direction after the playoffs. I was told that the Flyers feel that their team is good enough to win with the goalies that they have. "With this team, you don't need good goaltending. You just need your goaltending to be okay," was the exact quote. Basically, as long as the goalies aren't horrible, everything will be fine.

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