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Kariya Possible Nuck.

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Well it looks like Eklund and his sources are saying Paul Kariya is coming home to Vancouver! On Eklund's Chart it says Kariyas at 40% for Vancouver and 30% Nashville.

As we all know Vancouver needs some serious offence. So why not look at Kariya,
-Got offence
-Can score
-Lots of speed
-Hometown boy
-A great fit for the Canucks

The Nucks also are #1 on Anson Carter (he'll be cheaper for sure!) and could work with the Sedins again. They're 25% on Anson. Wes Walz would be nice, because he always play good angainst the canucks, they're 10% on Walz. Nucks are 5% on Lecavalier (dont need to explain about him) Canucks are 20% on Ladislav Nagy. They're 20% on Robert Esche he would be a good backup for Luongo. 10% on Ruslan Feditenko. 20% on Nik Antropov hes a good player. There 10% on Mats Sundin. 30% on resigning Jan bulis, 70% on Taylor Pyatt, 20% on Bryan Smolinski, and 50% on Brent Sopel.

The one thing in common with all those people excluding Brent Sopel is that they're all offencive. I think the canucks will get there offence that they need and will an amazing season next year with Dave Nonis, and Alain Vigneult.
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