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Last years Maple Leaf approach to their upper level picks was to trade down to increase the amount of picks, to attain a higher total draft pick value. Basically, they traded the 24th overall pick for the 29th overall pick and 61st, then traded that 29th overall pick for the 34th and 68th. So, after a year, we can see how these prospects have developed, and get an initial evaluation on how this approach has worked. In essence, we traded Travis Konecny for Travis Dermott, Jeremy Bracco and Martins Dzierkals. ( a 7.5/B prospect for 1- 7.5/D prospect and 2-7.0/D prospects). Se we drafted 3 fairly decent prospects instead of 1 decent prosepct) All 4 of these prospects are small and skilled. Konecny is the best of the 4, but the Leafs prospects all have upside as well, with both Bracco and Dermott receiving mention in the latest OHL coaches poll. (Bracco, third best play maker and stick handler, Dermott best offensive defensman). So, is three kicks at a smaller can better than one kick at a bigger one? I'm still on the fence, but it is a better way of at least restocking a shallower talent pool quicker. Thoughts?
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