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While I have absolutely no league sources, or ties to the Toronto Maple Leafs, this blog is written purely from a fan. Said that, It's no secret that the Leafs are in full rebuild mode. They are unloading anything and everything with an expiring contact to stockpile and hoard draft picks and prospects. Now i know a lot of fans like myself wonder, well what do the leafs really have to offer outside now (after the Polak deal)? PAP, Riemer, Grabner, Boyes, Arcobello? CAP SPACE!! With capped out teams leading into the deadline who want to add, such as the Black hawks must be looking at the Toronto Maple Leafs as an ideal trade partner. The Hawks have two awful contracts on their hands (Brain Bickell 4mill/year until 2017 and Rob Scuderi 3.4mill/year - a 2.25 cap hit until 2017). With the Hawks openly stating they are looking to add a rental scoring depth forward, doesn't PAP look very appetizing? The price for PAP alone would be around a 2nd or 3rd round pick, but with the leafs potentially taking on 6.25 million in salary and giving up PAP; there's no reason to think that the Leafs couldn't get a 1st round picks and a prospect back, especially when in the off season the Hawks need to sign RFA Andrew Shaw and super rookie Panarin the following year. rnrnThe moves the Leafs are making and acquiring all of these picks, and cap space could also be very beneficial when it comes to the off season and cap crunched or lower budget teams need to look at signing their RFAS. The Ducks are a perfect example, with the impressive Rakell, Vatanen and Lindholm all needing contracts next season with not a lot of cap space.rnrnAs all of us have learned the past 12-13, don't rule anything out for these new look Leafs. After all, they have gotten rid of Clarkson, Kessel and Phaneuf and only retained 1.2 million in salary (19.05 million in cap space)
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