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So if you read my last piece, which you probably didn’t because it didn’t even make it to the My Hockeybuzz sidebar, I was going on and on about Anaheim’s negative imbalance with shots on goal over the past while. I wanted to look more into this, and I’ve heard of Corsi, but it was never something that got me going. However, I ventured out there, into the wild, and Googled the word “corsi”, and that’s when I stumbled across puckon.net.

So there I am, on puckon.net, and that’s when it all made sense. And let me break the news for you, this team has the worst Corsi rating in the league! And upon more digging, to my dismay, it only got worse. They once again have the worst Corsi when the game is tied, and they’re third to last in Corsi rating when they’re up by one. Statistically, it’s safe to say they play the game by the score, and if you don’t believe me, and I swear to God I’m not making this up; when Anaheim is down by 3 or more they have the best Corsi in the league! What the hell is up with that?

Joking aside, in the movie Star Wars: Episode 5 - The Empire Strikes Back, Han Solo is piloting the Millennium Falcon, and he’s being chased by some Imperial TIE Fighters. Their shields are down, lightspeed isn’t working, and it’s only a matter of time before they’re space dust. So what does he do, he goes full-fledged scoundrel and pilots the Millennium Falcon into an asteroid field! He’s dodging asteroids like he’s playing Star Fox for SNES, and upon doing this, C-3PO exclaims, “Sir, the possibility of successfully navigating an asteroid field is approximately 3,720 to 1.” To which Han Solo replies, “Never tell me the odds!”

I mention that scene, because I feel it is applicable to this team at this point in the season. Their Corsi rating is generally horrendous, and the effort isn’t where it needs to be when the game is tied or when they have a 1 goal lead. And I feel like they’re just like Han Solo piloting their way through the asteroid field with an, “Oh, I’ll win the game my way,” attitude. As a current Legend Hearthstone player, I know the importance of being on the right side of statistics, as it makes success over time so much more advantageous. I understand there are injuries, but that’s not an excuse for the lack of execution in the neutral zone, for breakouts and effort in the defensive zone.

Randy Carlyle isn’t a regular season guy, and I wouldn’t be surprised if he isn’t grappling with questions like, “How hard should I push these guys without Kesler and Getzlaf in the lineup?” As a coach, you can only press certain buttons so many times, so he has a lot on his plate. As for Bob Murray, I’d be concerned if I was him. I don’t foresee a move in the cards. However, I’d be concerned.

With all that being said, the precedence has been set. Tonight, the Ducks take on the Blackhawks in Chicago. The Hawks have a strong Corsi rating, and you’re hoping Anaheim can turn things around. Puck drop is at 5:30 P.M. Should be a good one!
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