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"Hello Hockey Fans!!!"
Calgary, AB • Canada • 34 Years Old • Female
Tavin2004 [email protected]
O Calgary Flames who skate in the Dome,
Hallowed be the ice upon which you play.
Your power rankings will climb
As your points do over time, at Sportsnet as well on TSN.
Give us this day our special teams skill.
And forgive us our tresspasses as we check those who try to do us ill.
Lead us not to the penalty box and deliver us from unreviewed goals,
For thine are the sticks, and the jerseys, and the glory from season to season.
Go Flames!!!

Now this isn't meant to ruffle anyone's feathers but I was thinking tonight about how being a fan of a sports team is rather like being religious.

If you think about it, being a fan requires a really large helping of faith. You believe in your team and its players right to the bitter end....even if there is a very obvious reason not to. (For instance, I'm reminded of my thoughts while watching last year's Game 7 vs Anaheim & thinking that despite being down 3-0 and with under 2mins left, if only the Flames had done X...and being shocked that they didn't pull "it" off.)

Also, you have to accept that things happen for no rhyme or reason, in that Hockey works in mysterious ways and you will never understand what those ways are. There's no reason that a player should be a bust in one place but become an all-star in another place. For instance, Kristian Huselius or Miikka Kiprusoff coming to Calgary had their careers take off while it took leaving Calgary for Martin St. Louis or leaving Phoenix for Daniel Briere's performance to improve.

Then there are the wierd rituals, traditions and superstitions of sport that we don't even question anymore - much like various religions have. Players don't touch the Cup till they win it, they wear the same clothes if they're winning, eat the same meals every day and nap at the same time. Fans create shrines to their heroes, buy the jerseys & memorabilia, debate endlessly on how the coach should do his job and memorize elephantine amounts of trivia that most others (the "faithless" )would consider useless.

I guess this is all just useless maunderings late on a Friday night (or maybe it's early on a Saturday morning now) but hey, I had to write a first blog about something right?
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