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We Were All Fooled

Posted 2:27 PM ET | Comments 2
The NHL announced that the Salary Cap will be $50.3 million this upcoming season. And before we get into the rest of this blog, I say (Sarcasm On) 'good job NHL' for releasing the Salary Cap figure approximately 48 hours before the UFA period begins on July 1st, what a way to provide the teams enough time to determine who they can fit or not fit under the cap! (Sarcasm Off)

Now to the real reason for this blog. So we hear this all the time, the NHL is in shambles. The ratings are about on par with a Ginsu knife infomercial that runs at 2:30am on network television. Nobody cares about the sport. Many owners are 'losing money'. So what gives with the increase in the Salary Cap?

If the owners were losing so much money, why would the cap increase? If the TV ratings are dreadful, and the revenues are not flowing into the NHL from TV contracts, why the increase?

The answer is simple: For the most part, were all fooled by the shutdown of the 2004-2005 season. The hard salary cap was put in place for the owners to control themselves, increase their profits, and virtually maintain overpriced tickets and concessions for the fans. So who are the suckers? Who are the fools?

You and I, and it will not be the last time we feel like this.
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June 30, 2007 3:04 PM ET | Delete
I thought this from the start.The owner's won the public relations war in the media (where this labour issue was really fought) and convinced fans the players were greedy and were completely at fault for the lockout.This, of course, for anyone who cared to examine the issue with anything approaching objectivity and free thought was a completely ridiculous notion.The cap was instituted to guarantee bigger profits for the billionaire big club owners -- it had nothing to do with small market viability. Nashville is a case in point. Fact is, even the original cap figure was larger than most small-market team's payrolls pre-lockout. The cap, however, is a very convenient excuse for teams like Toronto to say, "We'd love to get player X for our fans, but the cap just won't allow it." So instead of investing their fans money in the on-ice product, the money goes to the pockets of the owners.Meanwhile, small-market teams can only look at a $50 million cap and dream about being able to spend to it.Nothing has changed as a result of the cap except the bottom lines of MLSE, MSG and Little Caesars.
June 30, 2007 3:50 PM ET | Delete
does anyone believe the cap isn't fair? could it be the owner's fault the league doesn't sell on tv? to me $50 is just fine for a team salaries for a league that is firmly number four (or worse) in this country. lots of hockey teams lose money; they shouldn't be mandated to do so.
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