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Ya I said it. We’re going to be a DYNASTY. Sure the Hawks had a few cups in a handful of years but in my life I’ve only witnessed two dynasties; The New England Patriots and Tiger Woods.

People love to compare Toews and Kane to Matthews and Marner and why not? All were drafted high, the centers are both known to play a strong defensive game, and the wingers are both electric offensively. Even Babcock and Quennevhlle have a comparable repertoire.

But this team starts at the top our Mr. Kraft is none other than Brendan Shanahan. This guys wins, because like Kraft he surrounds himself with the smartest men in the sport. He may also have the “curse lifting” gene like the Cubs Epstein as the Red Wings were in a 42-year cup drought before Shanny showed up.

Lou Lamoniello does what Belichick does to players with 5x more restrictions. Belichick is able to just cut players he’s done with but the NHL CBA doesn’t allow that. Yet, somehow Lou makes these less than desirable players disappear. I’m sure he sends them off well too, that man is all class.

Finally, who are the Patriots without Tom Brady and now the Leafs have their Brady. Auston Matthews. A soft but well-spoken natural leader who can do hall of fame type damage on and off the ice.

Buckle up, this rides about to get good.
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