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It is no surprise that Chevy has targeted a #2C the past two trade deadlines. Statsny in 2017 was clutch with 15 points in 17 games, aiding the Jets to a fantastic playoff run. This took the pressure off of Little, who was better fitted to the 3C role. While Chevy attempted to re-sign Statsny, they fell short to the bold offer made by the Golden Knights.

Move to the 2018 Trade Deadline, Jets ship out another 1st round selection to the New York Ranger in exchange for their upcoming 1st, and 5th round selections in the 2018 Draft. A stiff price to pay, and another display in the confidence level regarding Little as 2C. This payment was made even more painful with the 3 points in 6 playoff games, followed by a 7 year deal inked in Philly. While the Jets were unlikely to offer anything near the 7 year, $50M deal, it was disappointing to watch another 2C walk away with nothing to show. The silver lining was that Trouba recovered that 1st round pick, and Pionk has been a pleasant surprise in Trouba's absence.

Now in 2019, same song and dance. Chevy needs a 2C, and now Little is on the LTIR after that devastating shot perforated his eardrum, and had other lasting effects as well. Once again, Wheeler is pulled from the RW, and placed on 2C, showing more lack of confidence withing the Jets organization. I would hate to see another 1st round selection spent on a rental. So what are the best trade targets for the Jets?

My favourite target would be Tyler Johnson. Tampa is in an absolute Cap-Crunch, with 8.05M cap space to ink 4 UFA's including Maroon and Shattenkirk, and 6 RFA's including Sergachev. The numbers do not seem to add up unless a massive cap hike is implemented next season. Johnson 4 more seasons at 5M AAV after this year, remains over 0.5ppg in a 3C role, and 0.75ppg in playoffs over his career. He has been the definition of consistant, and we all know how much Laine likes taking passes from right-handed passers (Wheeler/Pionk).

What would it cost?
I feel our most underused forward is Perreault, and I don't blame him. With Ehlers and Connor playing at such a high LW level, he is forced to play a bottom six role, much like Johnson in Tampa. So, given Tampa's Cap predicament, the Jets could retain a small amount of Perreault's cap (275k AAV) to make his cap hit an attractive 3.85M AAV, while just having next year on the books. This would free up some cap space for them down the road, and hopefully give the Jets that 2C they desperately need, and continually hemorrhage 1st round selections to temporarily acquire. A 3rd rd selection may still be required on Wpg's end, but at least it has the potential to be a longer term solution.

What are your thoughts? And I am open to any other trade recommendations you all may have.
December 16, 2019 6:46 PM ET | Delete
good comments, I think if we dig into the Stasny in Wpg numbers we would find that his 5v5 numbers with Laine and Ehlers dried up after the first half dozen games and the remainder of his points were on the PP. He was good but not perfect.Hearing some rumblings that Trocheck might be available, that could be a good fit. A couple players that i think could be had without bleeding out all our prospects and talent are Toews or Getzlaf. No idea if they would waive their no movement clause for Winnipeg. Veteran centers that are likely to be revitalized in a reduced roll and with more talented lineups. Chicago and Anaheim are hard to consider contenders as they stand.Buff, Perreault, Samberg (if he isn't planning on signing) are good trade chips. Anyone not currently on the roster could be had. Heinola might be a good chip for Trochek. I am not against trading picks again, even a first if it gets what we need.If we are in win now mode (and we should be) players such as Connor, Sheifely, Laine, Ehlers, Wheeler, Roslovic, Copp, Lowry and 2 more PKers should not be available in most circumstances.Defense - we should only be considering blue-chip, low maintenance players as what has been pieced together is working. Maybe guys like Leddy, or Hamonic (could have him for free in the off-season? when he is UFA), Severson. Nothing flashy needed. I am looking to keep Morrissey, Pionk, Sbisa, Poolman and if they need Bitetto for character/chemistry fine. Beaulieu might be OK if he stays healthy and gets some rhythm going.Team chemistry can be such a fragile thing that I see it as critical that the character of the person coming in can be integrated, equally important is the character of the player going out. I see Lowry/Copp as important to the Jets for character reasons in addition to their play.So much to talk about, so many possibilities, looks easy in the comments but we don't walk in their shoes. go jets go.
December 18, 2019 5:41 AM ET | Delete
...thinking out of the box...since I am not a Jets fan I am unaware of their cap space...how about trading with "my" Blackhawks for Jonathan Toews. Bring him to his hometown, led him lead you in the playoffs and while you're at it, eat his ridiculous cap hit...
January 19, 2020 1:09 AM ET | Delete
That Toews cap hit is simply too much. Eat 1.5M while trading him for Little could make it an entertaining offer, but the Jets are in no hurry to add a top 5 paid C on the decline, no offense.
January 29, 2020 8:08 PM ET | Delete
If rumors are true and Josh Manson is available in Anaheim, AND if the Ducks are open to taking "bad" contracts for a price, I'd be happy to see the Jets acquire Manson and perhaps unload Perreault, even if it costs a prospect and/or a hight draft pick. Some financial flexibility and a decent RD under term and decent $$
February 1, 2020 2:55 AM ET | Delete
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