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I have been a casual fan of New Jersey Devils (NJD) since the 2011-2012 Stanley Cup Finals push and like to run small analysis on the team every now and then. I also am the fan that argues with friends trying to prove how NJD is better as a team than other teams.

Enough about me, lets dive into the reason why I have this Blog. The Final Push for playoffs. NJD have 15 games left. 15 games that will decide if NJD are going to have another few days of hockey or watch other teams competing for the Stanley Cup.

Currently, NJD holds the 1st Wild Card (WC) spot in the Eastern Conference with Columbus Blue Jackets (CBJ) Florida Panthers (FLA), Carolina Hurricanes (CAR), New York Islanders (NYI) and New York Rangers (NYR) trailing behind them hopeful for a WC position.

While a lot are chasing, there are teams such as Pittsburg Penguins (PIT), Washington Capitals (WSH) and Philadelphia Flyers (PHI) leading the Metropolitan Division. FLA are the only team that is from Atlantic Division Fighting for a WC spot midst of a Metropolitan heavy group.

How are we looking for The Final Push?

The projections were done using simple ratios. I accounted for the Games Played and Games Remaining, Divisions, Home and Away. Using those factors, here are my predictions for the playoff spots for Metropolitan Division including WC and FLA:

*My apologies for the hideous table. The blog would not let me make a proper table.*

Teams----Current Points----Projection Points----Playoffs Position
WSH--------81---------------------101------------------1st Metro
PIT---------82---------------------99--------------------2nd Metro
PHI---------79---------------------91--------------------3rd Metro
FLA---------71---------------------91--------------------1st WC Eastrn
NJD--------76----------------------90-------------------2nd WC East

NYR... Not calculated. Too far out. Unless NYR and pretty much NYI go on a tremendous 15 game run and others slump, it would be tough for them to catch up.

It is a very tight race to the playoffs in the Metropolitan Division. Not only that, FLA is competing for one of the spots. Next 5-7 games could decide the fate of NJD this season. They must win against Winnipeg Jets at home and dominate their road trip following that.

At the moment NJD's record against Pacific teams on the road has not been good (38% of the total available points). NJD must improve on that record on their upcoming road trip to comfortably make the playoffs in 2017-2018 Season.
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that table is a thing of beauty
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