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What if?

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What if they sign Tavares and Kovalchuk in July?...
Is the Sainte-Flanelle a true contender next year!!?

By moving Max, are they a LHD puck mover away from being dangerous?
What’s troubling with this organization is player development. Through the Timmins’ drafting years, all you discover is this club’s inhability to develop true prospects!

It’s in my DNA to believe in this team. Blood lines run from the Rocket, the Pocket, my father and uncle, me and my son and probably the Holy Spirit! I remember building party tents in a summer job for Patrick Roy and Denis Savard during the crazy 1993 playoffs.

What’s really disappointing in this club tenure is their lack of creativity!
When the management of Selke or Pollock won Cups, we weren’t copying on structure and drafting from anyone else - we were setting the trends! Finding ways to get the best talent by all possible ways.

Today, we keep looking at champions and how we could look like them: bigger, faster, more character, bla, bla, blaaaah!!

This team has won more Stanley Cups than any other NHL team by a decade!? Why should it look around for a recipe when it always won with their own!?

Now, it doesn’t make it less greedy than your bank teller asking for 20% off your withrawal with ticket prices and lack of spectacular entertainment but we wouldn’t be that far off with a little out-of-the-box (i.e. Salary cap) strategy.

Habs fan are at a fringe where the sport all together is about to get the boot! Is this game determined by luck, goal challenge or frigging lack of character!? How do you draft or develop any of these?!

Looking in the mirror... the answer is within the locker room... it takes two to tango... who gives an F!?? Give us something to cheer about! And that means goals, wins, leadership!

Jake Evans, Ryan Poehling and Ikonen are on their way and these prospects need support!

So let’s not make another stupid move like trading our high 1st round draft pick for someone with a reputation and get this super-uncovered-priviledged-if-you-touch-this-you’ll-die-plan on track to make it happen!

You are not recruiting for a regional strip mall to sell jeans: this franchise won the most f’n Stanley Cups ever!!??
- As a potential candidate for this job, how would contribute to bring us back to our glory days?
- Bahhh.. I don’t work on weekends since my parents are far away and back-to-backs are tough for me since Subway doesn’t sell pasta..

Whoever is going to Gallagher-commit #fnsacrifice for their reputation, their credibility and this franchise’s honour, will be dipped in chocolate with 24k gold sprinkles and be celebrated by indigenous tribes all over the world!!

So if Marc Bergevin can’t do the job, someone else will do it. Sorry Dude, I like you but it’s not working right now.

We are not that far off but we could be if.. we just continue hoping for a different outcome by adressing issues the same way.

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