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As I listened to the broadcast last night, then watched the game when I arrived home. I feel that aside from the obvious exhaustion due to the game frequency, as well as players playing above there slotting, the ref's have too much influence on the game. While I delve deeper into these thoughts. I am going to go into the game killing, momentum changing Patrick Maroon goal. As well as the Jujar Khaira supposed cross check. Before you get the torches and pitchforks. I am not saying the puck did not enter the net, nor am I saying the Jujar Khaira reaction was right either.rnrn rn As the Oilers lose 2 games in a row. A lot of people have quite alot of different things to say about it. This is not blame shifting, they lost. Though the Referees did not help any. Even with the footage that has shown the puck across the line. I felt the issue was not the puck being under the pad, the referee losing sight and the play being called dead. The issue with that play was the contact, interference if you will on Cam Talbot, by Tyler Bozak. Even in a way Patty Maroon was interfering. Though I feel in that sequence, Tyler Bozak was clearly guilty of goaltender interference. Goaltender interference is clearly defined as where the infraction being imposed is to the attacking player for hindering the goalkeeper's ability to move freely in his goal crease, the penalty to be assessed is for goalkeeper interference. You can clearly see that Mr. Bozak clearly impedes Mr. Talbot. He has both skates in the crease. Clearly interfering with the ability of Mr. Talbot and his ability to do the job he is paid to do. rnrn In that entire play however. It was a comedy of errors. The ref is supposed to call the play dead if they lose sight of the puck. Whenever the referee loses sight of the puck, play is to be stopped and the face-off held at the point where the play was stopped. As well as the goaltender interference. Cudos to Mr. Maroon. He had a horseshoe stuck somewhere. At this point, you could see that the rode hard Oilers, had lost a little pep. Which can really swing a team. Its hard to stay positive when you feel you where done dirty. Which was then followed up with what should have only been a 2 minute retaliatory penalty. That turned into a 5 minutes and a game misconduct. rnrn The way Mr. Khaira reacted was not right. I am not defending his actions. Regardless of what Vince Dunn did to him. Sometimes you have to take one for the team. I also understand reacting to a situation in an eye for an eye like fashion. Mr. Khaira would have done the Oilers a great service taking the cross check and turning the other check. Setting themselves up for a momentum changing powerplay. Instead he kinda put his fate in the hands of the judges. Knowing the "refereeing" is dependant on how the ref feels at that moment. He rolled those dice swung back while having both hands on the stick, and lost the gamble. When it was clearly his glove that connected with Mr. Dunn's face. He got a game misconduct, facing a player review and set his team up for a momentum killing penalty kill. That entire sequence is entirely unacceptable in today's NHL. rnrn I am not saying that the referees lost the game for the Oilers. The Oilers lost the game for the Oilers. The officiating did not do them any favours. In a game of ebbs and flows. Its the little things that count. The Oilers did a lot of little things wrong. For example 0 for 5 on the power play. Something that is unacceptable in any age of the NHL. The Oilers did not do themselves any favours. The referees are human. All humans err. Those situations and how they played out put the nail(Yakupov) in the coffin. It feels all to common that the Oilers, as well as the Blues are on the wrong side of inefficient officiating. Which does them no favours.rnrnGood Day, those are my thoughts for today, and look forward to discussing them with you on the message board.rnrnGUMPrnrn
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