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Leafs and Toskala

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I actually thought of this the night of the draft's 1st round, but couldnt think of anywhere to put it.
Although i'm sure you all remember the details, the Leafs traded a conditional 1st round, a 2nd round and a 09 fourth round to the Sharks for Toskala and Bell. The sharks then traded our 13th pick to st. louis, and opted to select a defenseman (Petrecki) 28th overall with their second pick in the 1st round. Their first pick was 9th overall.
The Leafs currently have a lot of defenseman. The number i hear tossed around a lot is 10 of NHL or close to NHL caliber players. No team needs 10 NHL ready defensemen.
Does anyone else agree that the Leafs could have traded one (maybe two) of these defensemen to SJ and kept their 1st round pick? I mean Wozniewski is able to play at the top level, and sees next to no ice time in a lineup that usually consists of Kaberle, Kubina, McCabe, Gill, White and Colaiacovo. They could also have moved Kronwall.

Of course, maybe SJ wanted our pick to use it in a deal, which they eventually did. But then there are other teams, that selected decent defensemen over stronger offensive talent. Maybe we could have traded for Nashville's 23rd overall pick, and picked up Mikael Backlund, who may just develop into the type of forward that the Leafs need.

Anyways, does anyone think that JFJ tried to contribute to the team's future at the draft?

I know this sounds like i was against the Toskala deal, but i agree with it. A team is only as good as its goalie. Hopefully the competition results in both Raycroft and Toskala playing to their full potential.
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June 29, 2007 2:32 PM ET | Delete
i was thinking something along the same linestwo 2nds, harrison and woz, or krownwall
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