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New Uniforms

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Originally posted at http://myoilers.ca

The news about new NHL team uniforms has been fairly slow so far this summer, there has only really been a handful of teams to unveil their new uniforms (Washington, Boston, Florida, Columbus, Los Angeles). I haven't heard much about the new Oilers uniforms other then some rampant speculation suggesting that they won't be changing their logo, or colors and that the uniforms will just have some altered lines from the current ones with the shoulder logos removed.

Personally I was kind of hoping we'd do something a little more extreme, like bringing orange back and dropping the bronze/red. I'd love to see us go with similar colors to our alternate jersey but with some classic Oilers orange in there (Navy/Orange/Silver). But from the sounds of it I'm going to have to keep dreaming.

This fake (Boston Bruins jersey photoshopped) example actually kind of had me excited until I quickly learned it was a fake.

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