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Boulerice waived

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At this point I will say good riddance to this guy. He has been trouble from day 1 and I think will continue to be trouble. People may argue the same about Steve Downie, however I will counter with Downie's ability to put pucks in the net. That's the reason Downie may still see the light of the NHL, but Boulerice may not. All in all, I think this is a good waive for the Flyers since it shows a message of good will toward the NHL, and a want to show that they aren't just a bunch of goons on ice.

What is interesting though is how much I have seen the Flyers written off in the past two weeks due to these incidents. But for me, as long as they keep on winning silently, I will be happy.

Smith was a great choice of captains for the Flyers. Experience, the willingness to voice opinions, and a general thirst for the game keep this guy as one of those true blue collar players. In the game against the Isles, I was paying close attention to him from the stands and it was amazing. He would take a shot at one end of the ice, and would cycle back in time to make a hit in his own zone just 20 seconds later. He covers his mark well, sacrifices the body to block shots, and isn't afraid to pinch in when needed. This guy is a true competitor.

Biron is really working his tail off to stay the #1 goalie. I'm impressed.
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