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Just t3xted sabres going with chiquorin-buffalo39, NY • United States • 30 Years Old • Male
So next year we are looking like this

Vanek 7.143
Pominville 5.3
Roy 4
Hecht 3.525
Gaustad 2.3
Kaleta .907
Ennis .875
Adam .644

Connolly (UFA) gone, hopefully traded for a second at deadline
Grier (UFA) gone, it any takers gone at deadline
Stafford (RFA) will discuss later
Niedermayer (UFA) gone, again if any takers dish him for whatever
Gerbe (RFA) will discuss later
McCormick (RFA) bring back at .750 as line four

Leopold 3
Morrison 2.075
Myers 1.3

Montador (UFA) I love the guy, loved when we signed him, but trade him NOW, his value will never be higher than it is now, and he really is a 5/6 Dman, lets not get stuck paying him
River (UFA) again like Nieds and Grier, if you can move him, if not goodbye
Weber (RFA) resign @ .8
Sekera and Butler (RFAs) I personally dont like either and would let both go, if they have any value trade at deadline

Miller 6.25

Lalime (UFA) gone
Enroth (RFA) resign @.8

Kennedy .167

roughly with my made up re-signings that leaves us at 39.669, which if the cap stays as is, that would leave 20 million

I would love to see terry and demand one change right away, I mean I am no expert, but try and go after Brad Richards with Gerbe, Stafford, and Pominville ( I know he has a NMC, but work around it), not sure if it would take more but go after it. Resign Richards right away, and now you got a number one center and a captain, and slide Roy into the number two spot. Also moving Pommer would free up most of the space needed for Richards


Go snag Parise at 4million, dont give too many years, two or three years since he is only 26, and will still be able to test UFA if he wants to at the age of 28 or 29. We lose our first three picks, however, now we have a line one with Richards and Vanek/Parise and line two with Roy and the Parise/Vanek.

Secondly on offense see what it would cost to bring in Gagne, if too much go sign Vrbata.

Kassian makes the club with a entry level contract

On defense bring in Shane O'brien to play on the third pairing.

Finally then go grab Souray, he is on the last year of his contract and the Oilers dont want him, he would cost nothing except his salary.

Our lines would look something like this:

Vanek Richards Vrbata
Parise Roy Ennis
Adam Hecht Kassian
McCormick Gaustad Kaleta

Myers Leopold
Souray Weber
Morrison O'Brien


any thoughts, especially on what it would cost to grab Brad Richards?
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