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"Captain Crosby and the Penguins of Tomorrow"
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Dear HockeyBuzz Community,

Every writer lives for the moment of creative epiphany, when he or she strikes upon an idea so compelling that it must be expressed in that very instant. I had my little moment of inspiration on the morning of June 19, when I sprung out of bed at 8 in the morning with an idea for an action-packed hockey satire. An absurd bout of writing ensued.

Now, nearly two months later, I wanted to share the results of my creative binge via my HockeyBuzz blog. I understand that this falls well outside of the realms of traditional HockeyBuzz intercourse. However, we must all face the fact that we are all stranded in the most fallow period for hockey in the year. The free agent buffet has been ransacked, and training camps still lie several weeks away. At the moment, many of us have been reduced to projecting our favorite teams' lineups for the coming season, scouring the news wire for updates on the likes of Ossi Vaananen and Mike Johnson, or following the tabloid-style exploits of <a href="http://www.nationalledger...15297.shtml">Mike Comrie</a>.

I hope to break the tedium with my little comedic offering. After all, THN.com has the incredible Charlie Teljeur, so why can't HB have its own court jester?

So I present to you the epic saga of everyone's favorite golden boy hockey player - Sidney Crosby. Comments are welcome. Also, if anyone is/happens to know a talented illustrator with a love of hockey, I'd really like to see this script eventually turned into a web comic.

Until later, I wish you all the best...

- Jeremy G., broadcasting live from St. Louis, Mo.
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