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10 Most Wanted...or Hated

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'Tis the season to speak of free agent signings, and speculation about where the Nashville/Hamilton/Kansas City Predators will end up playing next year. I wish to take a break from this babbling and take on a more serious issue... the players that I (and hopefully after reading) you absolutely HATE. I have found ten players that I loath with every part of my soul. Let's get started eh?

10. Darcy Tucker - B****. That's all I have to say. I remember the series the Leafs and the Islanders played some years ago. That submarine hit on Peca was despicable. He's just a b****.

9. Darien Hatcher - Big brusing defense man. I remember him best from playing with the Flyers and the Stars. I still can't forget what he did to Petr Sykora in game 6 of the 2000 finals. A clear elbow that sent Petr to the hospital. The Devils got the last laugh of course.

8. Mike Richter - Yes, yes, I know. He is the greatest American goal tender. He did lead the US to the 1996 World Cup, but god, I hated him. He did not do anything to me, but it is the Rangers fans who constantly tell me that Richter was wayyyy better that Martin Brodeur could ever be. I remember actually having a full fledged argument with one of them. C'mon dude. Richter was good, but Marty is one of the best ever.

7. Scott Niedermayer - I loved Scott, LOVED him when he played for the Devs. If he had stayed he would have been the Captain and his number hanging in the rafters. It would have been his team. But no. I understand that he left to go play with his brother, but he left the Devils hanging. He will be the first and only player in history to reject Lou Lamoriello to take a contract for less money.

6. Tie Domi - Do I have to type anything? Neanderthal. The elbow to Scott Niedermayer's (see above) head comes to mind. You all probably have a Domi memory.

5. Eric Lindros - Heads up! Thats what someone should have said to him when Scott Stevens clocked him. He was the main nemesis on the Flyers for many years. Holding out on Quebec and forcing a trade (which sent Peter Forsberg the other way I might add) does not add to your rep in a positive way.

4. Seam Avery - B****. Tucker x 10. I'm not just talking about when he ran into Brodeur, but I can think of many times. He doesn't shut up and only fights when he wants to. I am sure you have all seen the video where he runs at a Nashville player and then when confronted curls into a ball because he doesn't want to fight. That was the second time he did that. And the Ranger fan comes in here as well. During a game I was watching in the playoffs, Avery gave a healthy hit, kinda high, but legal and my Ranger fan got pumped. The leveled player then went after Avery and tired to hit him and missed. My Ranger fan said something to the effect of how dirty that play was and got physically upset. When I pointed out Avery plays a little dirty, he said I have no clue what I am talking about. Ranger Fans ::sakes head::

3. Stephane Matteau - "Matteau, Matteau! Step on ma' toe!" I was a little too young to understand what was really happening at the time, but in looking back, that was a devastating goal. But hey, where is he now?

2. Jaromír Jágr - Mr. Ranger. He is what the Rangers are. No defense, me first play. I could be a little off, but I hate him. Partly my hate stems from his talent. Don't get me wrong, he is a great player. But being a Ranger and not playing defense gets to me. But he did offer one of my best moment in the last few years, throwing out his shoulder trying to punch Scott Gomez.....

1. Which brings us to number one, Scott Gomez. He rocketed to the top of this list about 5 days ago. 7 year $51 million to play for the hated Rangers. Again, liked him when he was Devil, and I understood he would more than likely not be a Devil his up coming season. But what got me was he signed with the Blueskirts. Jesus Scott what were you thinking? Do you have a desire to be the most hated player in Devils history. He has not even played a game in a Rangers sweater and he is already enemy number one to Devils fans. So long Scott, good luck earing your $10 million next year by scoring 13 goals.

So that's my list. As you can tell I don't let things go too well.
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