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Hey ladies and Gentlemen its been forever since i have written my last article. I have been very busy with academics but considering that this is a make or break season for the san jose sharks i think i should comment on the last couple of games and what the sharks need to do looking forward.

considering that i along with many other fans in the nhl have noticed the influx of goals being scored by San Jose i am scared that they may be beaking at the wrong time. Thomas Griess is not getting the amount of starts he needs in order to complement Nabby if we need him in the playoffs.

Without having Boyle for the past two games i have seen a defense that has been able to stand up against adversity but it shows that the Coach does not trust his 5th and 6th defensmen since Blake has had +24 min a game. San Joses most pressing need at the Trade Deadline is a Defender and in my next article i will go into detail about who we might need to bring in.

San Jose's most tradeable asset is Ryan Clowe, even though he has been picking things up and finally scoring the way he should be scoring we should package him with mitchel in order to add a good defender plus we would save money to get logan into the mix.

Thursday will be a big test for the sharks considering the recent increase in goals, i think the sharks will loose this game. I really hope that Coach decides to put in Griess to give him a chance to play against a stanley cup contender.
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