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I think they will.With the offseason coming to a close in a couple of weeks,you can almost get a grip on which teams are going places,and which teams arent.But what teams look like on paper does not mean theyre going to preform that way.Perfect example is this past season's Islanders.Were thought to be the worst team in the league going into the season,thought by the so called 'experts' and all the fans of the Atlantic division foes and even some of the unloyal Islander fans.Theyll say they thought they were going to be better than what everyone was saying,but they know who they are.I personally thought the Islanders were going to get at least the 7th spot,nothing more.They almost proved me wrong,and almost getting the sixth spot until the last couple weeks of the season.But anyway,what the 'experts' say and think cannot be taken seriously,since most of these 'experts' have never played the sport and have only watched it.And those who have played are either some average players that really doesnt know too much about the sport,a coach who was a bad NHL coach but still gets a job at a big name network that doesnt give a crap about the NHL (cough cough Barry Melrose,ESPN cough cough),or played for a short time but never had any desire to be a part of the team that they were on,thinking only about their personal achievements.Anyway,you cant take them seriously.Unless it is of course a Bret Hull or some other legend of the game that was a great player,and great teammate as well.Anyway,I think the Islanders have a better team this training camp chemistry wise than last year's training camp.With that being said,the leadership of Guerin,Sillinger,and of course the hard-hitting funny man,Brendan Witt,the Islanders will play harder than they did last year,as well as play hard game in and game out-no matter the score.Teddy Nolan shouldve be at least a candidate for the Jack Adams award for best coach in the NHL,and I believe should have won it for taking this 'last place team' and bringing them all the way to the playoffs,and being jipped by the refs a couple of calls,shouldve won at least one more game,maybe two and who knows how the momentum of that wouldve changed that series against Buffalo.I think,that the New York Islanders will win more games,and get more points than they did last year because of the chemistry and leadership this team has.Also because of the toughness theyll show every night against any team in the NHL,and because of the coach they have in Ted Nolan.DiPietro will only get better (hard to believe,but yes there is still enough room for improvement) as will Jeff Tambellini,Sean Bergenheim,Trent Hunter,Andy Hilbert,Bruno Gervais,Chris Campoli,and Marc-Andre Bergeron.Not to mention,with the shots being given to Mike Comrie,Ruslan Fedotenko,and Jon Sim at the forward position,they can be out to showcase their talents and show their old teams that theyre better than how they treated them.And they are,I believe,better than the Senators,Lightning,and Thrashers thought they were.And also,not to forget the big part of their run to the Cup Playoffs,Wade Dubielewicz will be on the NHL roster,come this October 5th in Buffalo,for the first time in his career.He will be starting the season on an NHL roster,with a guaranteed spot,thanks to his heroics last March.He should be proud,and will want to show to other NHL teams that hes worth giving a shot (and believe me and the rest of the Islander fans out there-HE IS) at a starting gig in the NHL if he doesnt like being a back-up.We have a solid line core,defensive core,and goalie pairing.Why should we make the Stanley Cup Playoffs this year and make it to the second round of them?
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