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Look around the internet at different hockey sites and notice all the UFA mumbo jumbo. Sheldon Souray this... Chris Drury that...

I'm a big fan of the enforcer types in hockey, so why not blog them? They deserve the attention, so here we go.

The Boston Bruins wasted no time in pitching an offer to former Ducks winger Shawn Thornton. The 6'1 209 pounder from Oshawa, ON signed on the dotted line very quickly, so one would assume the deal was very lucrative for Thornton. It was rumored that he was looking for a one-way deal, so we'd have to conclude that's what he got from the Bruins.

Eric Boulton may have seen his last days in an Atlanta Thrashers uniform already, as it seems there may not be room for him this coming season. The Thrashers acquired Chris Thorburn from the Penguins, and Guillaume Desbiens is going to get a good look at training camp in the fall.

At 6'1 220 lbs, Boulton is smallish for a heavyweight, but he has always been able to hang with the big boys when called upon. Thorburn and Desbiens have yet to prove that, so toughness may be an issue for Atlanta at some point. While Boults still may return to the Thrashers, he's also rumored to be on his way to the Bruins. The Boston community loves tough hockey, anyone remember P.J. Stock?! Thornton and Boulton both play good hockey for their respective roles, and having them man the right and left wings of Boston's 4th line could be interesting. Boulton has also reportedly been in contact with CHI and MON.

Eric Godard made a splash in the 06-07 season by being called up to Calgary and "thrown to the wolves", coming up from Omaha (AHL) to take on Minnesota Wild super heavyweight Derek Boogaard. Most expected Boogaard to win the fight, but Godard won in a big way by TKO, dropping the Boogeyman after exchanging nasty haymakers. Godard has received his qualifying offer from the Flames, but may not be there next season...

The Philadelphia Flyers have made it known they want a top tier heavyweight fighter on their roster. Todd Fedoruk may not fit the bill any longer as he was viciously knocked out by Derek Boogaard, then again by New York Ranger winger Colton Orr. Strong rumors indicate that the Flyers are going to acquire Godard through an offer sheet or a trade with the Flames.

More to come later...
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what about peters for buff he just resigned
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