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Draw the Line

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I know it maybe August, but my anticipation is growing for the coming season. I haven't seen many Predator blogs lately and I just wanted to know everyone's opinion on the Predators' lines for this upcoming season.
1. Sullivan-Arnott-Dumont
Pluses-This line has a lot of chemistry as they displayed last season. Arnott and Dumont's size helps to open up space for Sullivan, and Sullivan's speed helps to create space for J.P. and Arnott. Arnott cannon of a slapshot and Sully's wristshot doesn't hurt either.
Minuses-This maybe an overload of skill on the Predators' top line. Trotz has always been a believer in spreading out the talent amongst the lines. Sullivan also misses a lot of time due to injuries, so this line doesn't always to get to play together that much and so they often fail to build on their chemistry. FINAL GRADE: A-
2. Erat-Legwand-Radulov
Pluses-Radulov and Erat both know how to the puck in the net as they have proven in the past. This line is the epitome of a Predators' line with speed, skill, and small players. This line will be an exciting and electric line to watch next season. Radulov maybe one of the best young players in the game and should be able to avoid the feared "sophomore slump."
Minuses-Radulov will be entering his sophomore season and will be heavily relied upon to put up the numbers he started to show at the end of the season and is often a "streaky player". Legwand finally began to blossom last season after years of underachieving, but with the loss of Paul Kariya it maybe hard for Leggy to build on his past success. Radulov also needs a skillful set up man and Legwand may have a hard time fitting into that role. FINAL GRADE: B+
3. Gelinas-Bonk-Fiddler
Pluses-The Predators have a lot of flexibility on the third line with several different players who can fill in on the third line to give it many different looks. The Preds have really done a great job getting quality players for little money for the 3rd and 4th lines. Gelinas is a veteran who seemingly been through it all, and his grit and scoring touch will really help this third line to produce offensively. Bonk has always been an underachiever for his 3rd overall selection status, but has now really been able to strengthen his overall defensive game and has turned into a very solid third line player. Fiddler is an all around exciting player to watch and has always been able to be put in any kind of situation and still continue to play great. Last season, he was the center for the second and third lines and eventually played wing with Forsberg and Radulov but still was a team player through it all.
Minuses-This line may have a hard time putting a lot of points because none of the players are really completely offensive minded. The third line "shut down" line though often used; is not always the best route to take and is sometimes just an attempt to make up for lack of talent. Also, if the line is a defensive one than the players must play accordingly and not much offense can be expected or vice versa. FINAL GRADE: B-
4. Smithson-Nichol-Tootoo
Pluses-Trotz will have a hard time deciding who will play on the 4th line and the opponent may have to help make his decision. The Preds have an abundance of grit, determination and the ability to get under their opponent's skin flowing through the 4th line. We all know what Tootoo can do and Smithson and Nichol have shown superb skill on the penalty kill.
Minuses-The line has a complete lack of offensive talent racking up a combined goal total of 15; Hordichuk and Ortmeyer have a combined 4. This line's job is to agitate the enemy so to speak and sometimes that can go a little too far; we all remember Nichol's penalty in game 5 of the western quarterfinals.
Heathly Scratches: Hordichuk, Ortmeyer
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August 16, 2007 7:11 PM ET | Delete
When your club fell like they did and acquired Forsberg the writing was on the wall for a continued dowward trend
August 16, 2007 7:56 PM ET | Delete
i wonder about toots. after finishing last year as a marked man( by the zebras) and his lack of production offensively and the fact he is never on for pk or pp he may be the odd man out alot of the time. i know he is a crowd fave but i could see him losing time and not being re-signed next year. see you at the rink
August 18, 2007 12:38 PM ET | Delete
I wouldn't be surprised if radulov made the top line or was given a chance on it at least to split up some of the talent. As for tootoo...I think a lot of teams would love to have a pest like that, you can't win a cup without one, but he needs to slow down on the pim's. I like this team, I hope they can get past this ownership/ relocation issue because they were just starting to emerge as a powerhouse.
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