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Perkasie, PA • 2014 Years Old • Male
In regards to hockey I can’t think of another sport that I feel as passionate about. My wife tells me all the time how I get too emotionally involved in the hockey games and I know she’s right but I can’t help it. As a fan it is my real connection to the sport, I’ve never played hockey and I only began watching it when I was in high school in Western PA in the early 90’s. None the less it the game, the players, the teams…hold a special spot in my heart and life now so yes I am emotionally involved and what better peak than to have both PA teams playing one another in this post season.

I was joking with my doctor last night, who happens to hail from Western PA and went to Penn State, about how once you got outside of the two big cities (nothing against you city folk) I’ve found the people of Pennsylvania to be the most grounded people in the world. This coming from a man that has lived everywhere from NJ to CA to FL to Korea, Japan and back again, I just find the simplistic approach to life that I’ve experienced in PA to be very refreshing.

As far as the series goes…yes the Flyers are down and seemingly out at this point but as someone who has struggled with various addictions in life I’ll say that the only way to approach it from here on out is one game, one period, one shift at a time. Win this shift and worry not about the next. Win this period and forget about the next two. Win this game and forget about having to win 4 in a row. It sounds very simple as an approach but that is the beauty about it…it is simple. Life’s complications seem to come mostly from the overwhelming effect of looking at the whole mountain instead of focusing on the path directly in front of you.

In regards to Hockeybuzz I’ve found this site to be very enjoyable to the extent that I’ve given money from my pocket to support it. I find that for the most part I can come here, enter any blog and engage in witty and respectful debate be it with a fan of my team or the fan of another team and while we may get passionate and even heated at times in the end there is value in the conversation be it an avenue for expression or a discussion on life in general. All that said in the recent days I’ve found the overwhelming amount of trolling, hating, flaming or what have you to be bothersome and frankly I think it takes away from the site as a whole.

I’m not sure what can be done or if I’m even out of line for bringing it up but I will say that if there is anything I can do I will. I will not engage posters that are obviously trolling because in the end that is all they want. No matter how valid what you are saying is and unfounded what they are saying might be…it really doesn’t matter because the recognition is the prize that they are seeking.

I’m reaching out to my fellow hockey fans, Pennsylvanians and visitors of this site to take a step in a positive direction and let’s just get back to enjoyable debate and I’m putting it out there that if this site needs more MODS I’m willing to help.

Let’s Go Flyers!
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