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"Mike Santa Barbara"
Wilmington, DE • United States • 26 Years Old • Male

Getting Rid of Icing?

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In this months issue of USA Hockey there was an article about an effort to eliminate icing the puck legally in most leagues, well kids leagues during powerplays. What a great idea if you think about it, you know what it was like when you played as a kid. Your team would get a powerplay and you end up chasing the puck the entire time. Even as you got older it was nearly impossible to set up a power play. Mostly because the players on the ice had never experienced how to set up a powerplay. Why? Cause they were chasing the puck jus like you when they were younger. It certainly takes away from the development of kids skills, and it's especially important when they are that age to train there muscles to help with stick handling and patience on the ice. Great article , you don't normally look for "Great" articles in USA Hockey but props to them this time around.

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