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This Rumor has poluted CDC, HF Boards, and Canucks Central already, and there have been some mixed fealings about the rumor. On HF boards Barney Gumble Wrote: "The only two I want to see in his contract is "two-way deal". Course that isn't realistic I know. Two years? Sure, if his salary is under a million per year. Else, pass.", This is the best post about the Carter rumor I have read, i dont think that we need Anson Carter, Why Else would Nonis sign Taylor Pyatt, To play with Naslund? Not gonna happen, he had absolutly no chemistry with Naslund and Morrison. We have Pyatt Posting up carear high numbers! Why not find a trade that with benifit Naslund, You know? Get that spark to light the fire.
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