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Since the calender is fast approaching October, its time to sharpen our skates and make some NHL forecasts. We'll start with the Eastern standings.
1. Ottawa 52 24 6 110pts
2. Pittsburgh 52 25 5 109pts
3. Tampa Bay 46 32 4 96pts
4. Philadelphia 48 27 7 103pts
5. NY Rangers 48 28 6 102pts
6. Buffalo 47 28 7 101pts
7. New Jersey 43 29 10 96pts
8. Atlanta 41 33 8 90pts
9. Washington 37 37 8 82pts
10. Toronto 37 38 7 81pts
11. Carolina 35 38 9 79pts
12. Florida 33 39 10 76pts
13. Montreal 32 41 9 73pts
14. NY Islanders 31 41 10 72pts
15. Boston 28 45 9 65pts

The Flyers to me, are the most improved team in the Eastern Conference, and barring the return of Bob Clarke, they should make a return to the postseason. Obviously the 4, 5, and 6 seeds could really go either way and I would not be shocked if Atlanta and Tampa were reversed. I really don't see any of the bottom seven sneaking in, not that they are really bad teams, except for Boston, they simply are just not as good as the top 8. When it is all said and done, I see the Senators making a return to the finals.

1. San Jose 54 22 6 114pts
2. Calgary 52 23 7 111pts
3. Detroit 50 25 7 107pts
4. Anaheim 52 22 8 112pts
5. Minnesota 49 24 9 107pts
6. Vancouver 46 26 10 102pts
7. Colorado 43 31 8 94pts
8. Nashville 40 32 10 90pts
9. Dallas 39 33 10 88pts
10. St. Louis 37 34 11 85pts
11. Columbus 34 38 10 78pts
12. Chicago 34 39 9 77pts
13. Los Angeles 33 40 9 75pts
14. Edmonton 29 42 11 69pts
15. Phoenix 21 51 10 52pts

Now we come to what I feel is the more intriguing conference. In my opinion, San Jose, Anaheim and Calgary are the top three teams in the league, and you could make a strong case for Detroit and Minnesota as numbers 4 and 5. I could certainly see Dallas and St. Louis replacing Colorado and Nashville in the playoffs, although I think the additions of Hannan and Smyth will be enough to get the Avs in. LA is a team a lot of people have picked as a sleeper, but I think they are still a year and a goalie away from being a playoff team. Phoenix is just a mess, I guess Wayne Gretsky is already trying to position the Yotes to land Tavares, if not, then I have no idea what he is thinking! In the end, I see a trip to the finals for Calgary.

So we are left with a final that while it will make most Canadiens outside of Edmonton and Toronto very happy, will have Gary Bettman and NBC ready to jump out of a window. In what I think will be a great series, the cup returns to Alberta for the first time since 1990 as Calgary beats Ottawa in seven.

Finally here are some trophy and award picks for the upcoming season
Hart & Ross Sidney Crosby, PTS
Richard Ovechkin, WAS
Norris Pronger, ANA
Selke Pahlsson, ANA
Calder Toews, CHG
Smythe Kiprusoff, CLG
Vezina Luongo, VAN
Jennings Anaheim
Byng Sakic, COL
Masterson beats the heck out of me until I see who each team
Coach of the Year: Mike Keenan, CLG
Exec. of the Year: Paul Holmgren, PHL
1st Team All stars 2nd team all stars
G- R Luongo, VAN M. Kiprusoff, CLG
D- C. Pronger, ANA D. Phaneuf, CLG
D- N. Lidstrom, DET K. Timonen, PHL
L- D. Heatley, OTT S. Gagne, PHL
C- S. Crosby, PTS J. Thorton, SJS
R- A. Ovechkin, WAS M. Gaborik, MNS

Well thats my take on it, let me know what you guys think!
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