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Everyone knows that Brian Burke is coming to Toronto, But the matter is when! Most people think that it will be a long process but Brian Burke would not leave the Ducks without a back-up process in place. So Could Brian Burke and the Leafs have a deal planned out already? Financial terms yes, A probable 5 year 2.0-3.0 million each year. But how much power hehas is another story. Will he demand that Richard Peddie and everyone else at MLSE step away and let him do his thing. Problem: MLSE think that they know the game of hockey more than anyone in the league when they don't. This is what needs to be worked out in order for Burke to come to Toronto. This shouild be worked out by Saturday with Burke most likely eager to get into a Hockey market let alone the biggest one in the world! And Burke's ego will help MLSE get him in here...Burke thinks he's the best gm in the league and he may be but if he would win a cup in Toronto he would be a god and that's what Burke wants to do no doubt. According to Eklund at Hockeybuzz.com Sundin and Burke could come to T.O at the same time...personally i see Burke comes to Toonto in the next week but Sunbdin won't come back to Toronto!

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